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We love personal recommendation; there’s nothing better than a real referral (especially from someone who owns the product) rather than some hyped up sales spiel.  

Word of mouth marketing or referrals forms the basis of many transactions the world over. Being told by a friend or relative how good a product is, or seeing a new item that you've never seen before introduced by someone you trust will always hold greater value than traditional marketing.

Of course, your approach needs to be genuine. Spamming people for the sake of it, becoming overbearing or moronic doesn't hold out much hope of keeping your friendship in tact, however, a genuine recommendation is often graciously received by people who trust you.

Of course, the product you recommend has to be worthy of your recommendation in the first place, I would never want to recommend a sub-standard product. Personally I am proud and feel privileged to be the exclusive distributor for Kid-O-Bunk in the UK.

This product has evolved from many years of experience supplying the US military with adult versions of this bunk design. Now after being re-engineered, shrunk and adding some funky colours into the mix, the Kid-O-Bunk has arrived at our shores.    
We have created an affiliate scheme that allows you to share in the success of this wonderful product.

We realize that marketing in the real world costs money, and we never expect a free ride. If your efforts when telling the people about this wonderful product results in a sale,  we’d rather pay a bonus to you than pay Google, Facebook or some other marketing agency  (I think those guys have enough money already).

Do you blog? Use social media or chat rooms? Send SMS or email? Or even speak to people face to face (however this has become less common these days), then you could benefit from our affiliate scheme.

We have allocated 10% of any successful sale for marketing purposes.  If you decide to promote this fantastic product and a sale is generated from your efforts, you will receive 10% of the total sale value. That's about it as complex as it gets, what you use the money for is up to you (we pay out through Pay Pal).

We like to look at it from this perspective: If you have purchased the product yourself (or are saving up for one) and you help us create more sales in the process through your recommendations, do this ten times, and your product purchase will effectively cost you nothing. We call it 'The Power of Ten' (Of course you don't have to stop at ten, we just thought it was a nice round number for our simple brain to cope with).

So the next step is up to you.  If you'd like to register free of charge in our affiliate program, simply click the link below and fill in the form. We'll be on hand as much as possible to help you succeed; there's lots of banners and stuff already for you on the inside (and, of course, we'll keep adding new stuff along the way).

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All the best,

Simon Parslow

PS: feel free to contact me at any time should you have any questions about Kid-O-Bunk or this affiliate program.

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